Women and children first? Not on the Titanic, where it was class that counted towards survival. Now then . . . .

06/14/2005: If there is one woman in the world, other than Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma (Myanmar), that needs help today, this is she,
Mukhtaran Bibi: an article from the NYT, and from the Guardian. And, permission has been granted for her to visit the USA, if she wishes. Goodness, me! But there is distress at the actual conditions.
06/08/2005: The Right Decision? The managers walk away scot free, as usual.
07/16/2004: Victoria Climbié. How unlucky to have a great-aunt as evil as was proven. Originally, it was given out that the child was sent to the UK to be educated and eventually earn enough to support her original family. Now, it is suggested that she was a part of this underground trafficking in children for witchcraft sacrificial ordeals.
05/24/2004: Stepmother Hell;
as I have mentioned on another occasion, one should read the booklets, especially that on the Cinderella syndrome, available at Darwinism Today
: a series to frighten the Stockwell Days, and innumerable members of the GOP.  (Otherwise known as the 4004s. The date is that calculated by Archbishop Ussher, 1581-1656, who was noted for the latin edition of St. Ignatius of Antioch, as the beginning of time).
05/20/2004: Hookers start to read on easy time?
07/25/2002: Vancouver: Pickton accused of more deaths? Actually, much more than that. But, what price CSIS and the Air India trial? Incompetence brought not guilty verdicts.
06/10/2002: You want to wear these?
A Sotheby's model sports a pair of spiked black patent super-elevated platforms, designed by Vivienne Westwood, on Monday. They are estimated to bring as much as $1,800 in London. A sale of rock 'n' roll memorabilia at Sotheby's Olympia will be held on Friday, including more than 30 lots relating to the Sex Pistols. The sale coincides with this year's 25th anniversary of the Sex Pistol's single God Save The Queen. Photo: Johnny Green/AFP

04/27/2002: Chandra Levy still not found Ah, but now she has been, in a wood on a trail close to where there have been other attacks. The likelihood of her attacker being found is minimal. But that Condit fellow has been ejected by his people. All to do with the loss of interest after September 11th 2001. And, where were you? Just as shattering as JFK, John Lennon, & Winston Churchill (not his death, but the funeral).

Naomi Campbell, the naive one politically, although no stranger to court proceedings, receives this book from President Fidel Castro. Apart, however, from Ry Cooder helping to raise the world's consciousness of the aged music professionals in Cuba, Fidel himself hasn't done much good of late. If he were more politic, the USA might be forced to allow its citizens freer access to the land of bananas and sugar, and once of casinos. Fat chance!