Except, perhaps, for Slobodan Milosevic, Saddam Hussein, pædophiles and Clifford Olsen-type deviants. Not quite ironic; so sorry.

Death Penalty Information: DPIC

What a surprise? What with incompetent and corrupted lawyers prevalent even in the big cities of the US, no wonder there are so many pathetically poor decisions. Cases have had their appeals dismissed, even when the lawyer for the accused has been proved to be asleep during the trial. How on earth?!

06/07/2005: The USA and its problems with its borders, and not only with the TSA. Law and order reaches everywhere. This obviously deluded, disturbed individual is probably incompetent.
Psychiatric devise for determining degree of evil: a scale for everything, everything in its place. As bloody if.
From 1966, May 6th: Moors murderers, UK, gaoled for life. Hindley is shown on the graphic reached via the previous page. Emlyn Williams' book about the pair, (Beyond Belief, Random House, 1968), is a powerful exposition of their transparently evil nature.