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June 5th 2005: The rape of women, the killing of husbands in Darfur: whilst the world denies the problem exists. Here is an OpEd from the New York Times.
Note the telling phrase of how often Bush has mentioned this horror. This subject, and the disgusting treatment of the MSF director who was trying to reveal the criminal, absolutely genocidal, activities has been an obvious human disaster for years. The reaction by the major nations is one of utterly rampant and disgusting hypocrisy. Now, an article to counter one's theories about the history of aid in Africa.
June 5th 2005: At last clean, verifiable evidence of massacres by Serbs against Bosnians. Not that it was one-sided, but. One good book to read is Virtual War by Michael Ignatieff, Viking 2000, ISBN 0-670-89140-1 which gives a reasonable picture of the machinations hidden under the Nato umbrella.
June 6th 2005: The ICC has begun a probe into the Darfur miasma. Unbelievably, the US did not impose a veto. (Kissinger must have started to tremble, but the rules only apply to acts committed since 2002.) What one must agree on is that because Sudan rejects this advance, the deaths and rapes and genocidal propensity of the Janjaweed will continue inexorably. They want to Arabify the area, another reason to reject the use of religion as a cure for anything humane.
June 18th 2005: Aung San Suu Kyi turns 60 while remaining under house arrest. And, she still is, and this is 2009.

Articles, links, pictures will mainly be concerned with the promotion and development of human rights in this benighted world. There will be criticism, because some of the activists and theorists that belong to the fringes can be expected to be told to stay there. Please send anything you wish to this email address: pro or con, love or hate, it matters not. What you send may be posted. Criticism added? Yes, that's a definite possibility.

January 2009: The start of something new, except that it is old. The Israeli army, after a bloody nose in Lebanon, tries again against the Hamas group. The government elected of Gaza, but the progenitor of the constant barrage of rockets into Israel.

The underlying cartoon, scanned from my copy of the Globe and Mail, January 2nd., appeals to my sense of the ridiculous. I am, after all, a confirmed atheist. There, having fun, sit Terry, Jacques and others, but Will is somewhere under the rubble.

Some News and Comments:

bullet06/07/2005: Recently discovered information about the absolute powers of USA airport security personnel.
bullet06/07/2005: New Brunswick/Maine border disaster about someone with a bloody chain-saw.
bullet05/20/2004: Gay Jordanian? What, no, no, can't have that, can we? No, it's just not possible, is it? Oh, come on, enough of this, aren't there enough goats and sheep for everyone? Oh, piss off to NZ or Scotland. You, with your wellington boots.
bullet07/25/2002: Oh to be in Woodlands, BC Mental health indeed. Makes one feel sick.
bullet05/10/2002: Amnesty International furore in the Globe and Mail by two columnists
bullet04/28/2002: What goes on in Germany with this school shooting?
bullet03/28/2002: Robin Sharpe: dragged by his what? Literary medicine, ha!! Child pornography in Vancouver 
bullet 04/11/2002: United States assailed over torturers
bullet01/30/2003: Good grief, this is what the Koran says!

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