Education for the Masses
Matters appertaining to children of all ages, and their parents, who are often even more in need of succour.

Notable site: The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online

Before there was Astronomy there was chaos, mere Human Chaos. This article, from New Scientist, May 2005, has to do with education, because the brain has something to do with intelligence, hasn't it?
Some of what is on the human chaos page is also linked below, aber Schadenfreude, nicht wahr?
Education for the aging unemployed? An imperfect course.

September, 2008: These energy filled days, filled with unctuous statements about our rights to drive SUV monstrosities, until recently one could visit BMW Films, for their excellent short movies: they are all action, but one is particularly hilarious. All were made by top notch directors and actors; the first series required Quick Time, the latest series allowed download for whichever main viewer one prefers. The series is unavailable currently, as that first link advised you, although a nearly complete set is available from here. Of course, they are educational in all manner of ways.

Professor Warwick Sawyer
A mathematics educator of renown. A recent review of a Dover reprint of a 1964 Penguin original. Just because it's old, doesn't mean it's useless. Professor Sawyer died in Canada in 2008, at the age of 97.

The pages relating to Prof Sawyer and the bunch below have been proof read, since the originals had been only cursorily run through OCR. There are a few missing illustrations, too, just as there are in the Astronomy section above.

Here is a scan of the cover from Arthur Marwick's book on post-war British Society. If, as I have some decades ago, one has seen I'm Alright, Jack (John Boulting, director, 1959, EMI Films Ltd) starring Peter Sellers and Ian Carmichael (Fred Kite/Sir John Kennaway and Stanley Windrush, respectively), then one knows how the idiotic system then universal of unionism ruined British industry. I am pro-union, but not agreeable with the way the shops were controlled. Each trade had its own union, and this was in direct contrast with how the Brits set up the German unions after WWII. There, they made sure only one trades union was implemented for each company. The way that the film portrayed the British style, with the attitude of you can't pick up a hammer, or I'll strike, was sadly true of the whole country. And, these were the bastards who struck during the war and kept the forces, their own friends, from receiving timely, proper and adequate equipment. (Click the image to enlarge.)

Doctors Plus: educators, scientists, fools and other people
You can't spell, add or think, and neither can your teachers. Morris Kline pages.
Vectors and other things that you should understand, but normally forget.
Physics and credulousness: partial arguments bandwagon.

Education Guardian
Schools failing to prepare for workplace. So, what's new?   
    02/22/2005: 3Rs sadly non-progressing.
    07/08/2004: Employment minister, UK, signals the end of comprehensive schools.
    06/29/2004: UK Teachers slam the Tory ideas for schools.
    06/28/2004: Clarke wants to pay for more mathematics teachers.
    06/22/2004: Police search for exam scam perpetrator.
    06/21/2004: Creationism causes demonstrations in Northern England.
    06/14/2004: Lords put the boot in over OFFA.
    06/12/2004: The news that disgusts: exams will be scrapped for Greek and Latin. Here is a plea.
    05/25/2004: Heads call for league tables to be scrapped
    05/13/2004: Abortion in school is 'geography lesson'
    04/18/2004: BNP candidate at catholic school, hurrah!?
    03/08/2004: Odds on that God exists? What's that to do with teaching?
    03/02/2004: Think forward to the 1940s
    01/27/2004: Rip your hijab off, baby!! Oafish teacher
A-level hell

Education Telegraph
    06/03/2004: Schools fail the bright lights
    05/27/2004: Unruly pupils and ministers
Triplets chance for Cambridge

Education New York Times
05/21/2004: Ivory tower retirement homily; simply do one's job

Education Globe and Mail
    07/10/2004: Come on, the Bible should never have language such as this.   
    05/22/2004: The Joy of Testing, a comparison of Canada and UK
    04/10/2004: Starting from Zero: building a better brain
    04/05/2004: Gene therapy, see the illustration below, can work on human babies, too
    04/03/2004: What, distinct in the nursery too? Québec, naturellement
    04/03/2004: Relax, don't do it
    04/03/2004: Play time, even more these days for kids with parents, and Canada's dads are the best
    04/03/2004: Cut out the violence: play-act fighting with Papa
    04/03/2004: Two-year-olds: the most violent people on Earth
    04/03/2004: Bullies and the Bullied: same but different

    03/29/2004: Trouble close to home: no class barriers here
    03/27/2004: Moms must be crazy? Well, not exactly, just rewired
03/27/2004: For Crying Out Loud: babies in tears, along with their parents

Education Other Sources
    07/12/2004: Foolishness in educating teachers, with this as a result.

    06/24/2004: From the Economist, just like the Guardian's comments, only different. Creationism again

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