Before Astronomy there IS chaos

Education in Canada, USA, UK & elsewhere:
Stress-free exams? Unlikely. Not in England, anyway. But, stress exists in Japan? Absolutely.
Teacher? No, merely a poor fool.

Creationism, going once in "City Academies"; going twice in foolishness.

The Guardian reports: the end of comprehensives is possible. And don't you wish that you, in England, were a good mathematics teacher? As long as you weren't associated with the exam scam.

The Tories, in June, were slammed by teachers about their schools policy. And then the universities talk about remedial efforts for their scholars! But, then, there are questions, and questions.

The modern language of Bibles, eh? But who reads these days, anyway? Even if the study that the story is based upon is not entirely accurate.

Bad Comma, a somewhat critical review of Eats, Shoots and Leaves, but it remains sympathetic. And Lynne Truss herself, in the Times of London, on Tiger Woods. And another comment from Madame Truss about the new edition of the OED, and someone else on modern howlers.

Health and Welfare
A story of depression, from 1998, the Noon Day Demon, with reviews by Joyce Carol Oates, Ian Penman. The article that caused me to research Solomon, about Yanks not reading much these days.

When the times were harsher, yet romantically remembered. After the chronometer altered navigation:

Sick, mentally? And want to return to work? Read this article.

Social Corruption
Results of poor attitudes, if nothing else. Do not forget the horrors inflicted upon children. Here is a case from the UK, with ramifications still arriving. Care assessment, at least a start. Climbié parents endorse scheme.