The Late Professor Morris Kline

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Lecture: Pea Soup, Tripe and Mathematics

The Book: Why Johnny Can't Add

Up to Chapter 2: Preface, plus a taste.
Chapter 3: The Origin of the Modern Mathematics Movement.
Chapter 4: The Deductive Approach to Mathematics.
Chapter 5 & Chapter 6: Rigor & The Language of Mathematics
Chapter 7 & Chapter 8: Mathematics for Mathematics' Sake & The New Contents of the New Mathematics
Chapter 9: The Testimony of Tests.
Chapter 10: The Deeper Reasons for the New Mathematics.
Chapter 11: The Proper Direction for Reform.

The Book: Why The Professor Can't Teach

Up to Chapter 2
Chapter 3: The Nature of Current Mathematical Research.
Chapter 4: The Conflict Between Research and teaching.
Chapter 5: The Debasement of Undergraduate Teaching.
Chapter 6: The Illiberal Mathematician.
Chapter 7: The Undefiled Mathematician.
Chapter 8: The Misdirection of High School Education.
Chapter 9: Some Light at the Beginning of the Tunnel - Elementary Education.
Chapter 10: Follies of the Marketplace: A Tirade on Tents.
Chapter 11: Some Mandatory Reforms.
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Important Note!
The title of this book, which seems to cast aspersions on the competence of professors, is misleading. The author submitted a dozen or so more appropriate titles but the publisher was intransigent. Obviously he wished to trade on the name of his earlier publication
Why Johnny Can't Add, which had wide recognition.

As the author's wife and sometime secretary, I can testify that Morris Kline was keenly unhappy with the publisher's choice. This book is not an attack on professors but is rather a wide-ranging critique of undergraduate education. Indeed an appropriate, less jazzy title would have been A Critique Of Undergraduate Education.
Helen M. Kline

Books by Morris Kline
Introduction to Mathematics (co-author), Houghton Mifflin Co., 1937
The Theory of Electromagnetic Waves (editor), Inter-science Publishers, 1951
Mathematics in Western Culture, Oxford University Press, 1953
Mathematics and the Physical World, T. Y. Crowell Co., 1959
Mathematics, A Cultural Approach, Addison-Wesley Publishing Co., 1962
Electromagnetic Theory and Geometrical Optics, John Wiley and Sons, 1965
Calculus, An intuitive and Physical Approach, John Wiley and Sons, 1967
Mathematics for Liberal Arts, Addison-Wesley Publishing Co., 1967
Mathematics in the Modern World (editor), W. H. Freeman and Co., 1968
Mathematical Thought From Ancient to Modern Times, Oxford University Press, 1972
Why Johnny Can't Add: The Failure of the New Mathematics, St. Martin's Press, 1973

Mark Alder: I am very grateful for the kind permission of Professor Kline's widow, Mrs Helen Kline to use the material on this section of my website.

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