Economic Straits
and its corollary: Education

Experience in Motion: A programme based in Nepean for older workers living in the Ottawa region.
A different link to possible work for the retired is at http:/ plainly not the EIM project.

One should visit newspapers on line: many articles, too numerous to mention, nearly every day that impinge directly upon what one should do, and what one should choose as projects. Here in Canada, I buy the Globe and Mail every day, except Sunday, when there is the New York Times because, although they may be biased to the liberal side of things, one can see clearly that there is much that is valid. Both are most definitely unlike the bigoted posturing of certain TV stations, viz the Fox Network.

Above is an image of a place in India, the huge sub-continent that is attempting to reach the wealth standards of the Big 8: fat chance.
Whatever to do about outsourcing? And, does it really matter? The output of people with degrees in China is 750,000 each year. So, what effect does it have when India has similar figures? More to come, especially as aging workers in North America feel the bite of ill-informed and seemingly blinkered HR personnel.
Two images from the Sudan, the largest African country: one causing the other. In June, 2004, the G8 who were with representatives of many other, poorly run countries, talked about doing something, but in the meantime, people are starving to death, and nothing is stopping these mounted killers:

Bill Cosby has an attitude, and with reason: four articles about his opinions on black kids in the US, and what their elders are not doing for them. Harsh words, indeed. And, from the Brokaw camp, a similar attitude. The Washington Times thinks that his criticism will continue to reverberate. A critique,  with facts, too, from the Economist. Yet more about the Cosby speech: Telegraph and Time.