Mere Astronomical Enormities, or education for the masses? Before Astronomy? Interrelated subjects, what?
This page links with many articles on cosmology, and is here because the originating web links at Rice U are not currently viewable. I had been looking at them and downloaded much of the information to view off-line. Hence, they're here, except for some missing larger illustrations.

How to get up there to have a really good look, maybe, at these, which were taken by the Hubble telescope satellite, that itself needs repair, or it will fall, screaming, into the atmosphere:

The invisible universe, now known to cause the expansion that will never end, well not in our species' lifetime, in case you were wondering.
Here is the transit of Venus, of June 7th., 2004, at the time of Ronald Reagan's lying in state:

Tycho Brahe and Uraniburg, too. Brahe at the Project Galileo.
Johannes Kepler; Simon Marius; Thomas Harriot; Hans Lipperhey;
Christoph Scheiner.
The Copernican System; the Ptolemaic System

The Problem with Longitude; the Telescope and Jupiter's Satellites, the Moon, and Sunspots.
The Gregorian Calendar

Florence; The Medici Family
Related Glossary

This cover of Interview Magazine shows a genius, some dozen years ago. Become closer to London, at night, not quite like the fake, but fascinating, view of approaching night shown below: